UAE forcing to use routers with backdoor from D-Link UK


I think they just install what is cheaper. Is there any secure routers for this price?
For example in Ukraine, where i am from, ISPs provide routers worth of 20$ mostly. They are barely functional, so security is not about them at all.


install whatever u like but not by FORCING , but at least by ASKING. so “forcing” is the worst move ever they made.


I hated that as well but as it turns out that they don’t force it !
Just call 101 and ask them to disable PNP for your account, it will take around 10-15 minutes to send you the new PPPoE account password. Then you can use whichever router you want.
And you can also flash the router with the default firmware which i did a year ago.
Please let me know if you meed the firmware to flash.