Tzdata configuration after apt-get upgrade

After upgrading packages, tzdata configuration asked two questions,

1- Geographic area
2- Time zone

Can we prevent this from happening? Does it permanently change any settings, can we ensure the settings are correct with a script?

Thank you for your report!

One bug (“debconf: warning: possible database corruption”) most likely related to this one has been solved:

Are you sure it is geographic area + time zone?

The only thing I can see is tzdata. Screenshot:

Getting tzdata question twice. Nothing else about geographic area.

This tzdata question, is it a Whonix specific issue or has anyone using Debian having had this useless question as well when updating?

If it is a bug introduced by Whonix, we should fix the issue. Dunno the cause. Maybe debconf can be used to pre-configure the answer. Looks like the cleanest way.

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