Two tower Whonix/Qubes Set Up

Hello I’m pretty infatuated with security/privacy after being hacked/what’s going on in the world so this OS is calling my name.

I got a new desktop that I am going to upgrade and plan to install Qubes OS on to use as the Whonix gateway. The desktop I am putting together for the workstation will not be similiar spec wise.
My current desktop (gateway) can only upgrade to 32 GB RAM. The workstation I am planning to put together will have 256 GB RAM. This may seem excessive, but I won’t be able to support the plethora of communities I am in without it (TOR node, etc)

Would using a gateway computer with a vast amount of lesser RAM hinder the workstation? Would you tell me the nodes would best be run on the the gateway bc it would be faster, that I should really use the workstation as the gateway and the gateway as the workstation? It’s a hard compromise as I don’t want to leave that computer/my nodes service to the network more vulnerable.

What is optimal?

No. I don’t see how.

You generally can not host a Tor relay over Tor. Maybe you can but that’s not the way Tor Project has designed it. For hosting Tor relays, please look up information from The Tor Project. Mostly unrelated to Whonix.

Therefore a Tor relays should not be hosted inside Whonix-Workstation.

Hosting a Tor relay is one skill.

Hosting a Tor relay inside Qubes is another skill. See the Qubes documentation on port forwarding. Unrelated to Whonix.

Hosting a Tor relay inside Non-Qubes-Whonix Whonix-Gateway is yet another skill.

Hosting a Tor relay inside Qubes-Whonix Whonix-Gateway is yet another skill.

Not sure this will help helps: