Turn off Javascript in Whonix Forums

Looking at the new forum, it has put me off to registering because it requires:

  1. Javascript to browse the site properly
  2. Email-address to join site

Both these shouldn’t be compulsory for this forum.

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No way. This forum is javascript-only. The discussion to change the forum software is over.
( Change Whonix forum software to discourse )
Won’t be changed anytime soon.

Your best bet is interacting with forum by e-mail. You can reply to posts you are receiving by e-mail. New thread creation is also possible, but I am not sure we properly enabled it yet.

u remind me of I2P forums.

but sadly u cant find any free open source forum designed with modern technologies that doesnt support javascript.

also it is hard to find sucha clearnet forum with no email registration. malicious bots will destroy the forum content.

but generally , it is not critical problem. u can use fake email , fake user name. javascript it is ok to enable it here because we r not google or facebook or any bad company following their steps.

This probably isn’t an easy task but I will feel much better if this forum was javascript-free.

I do hope a transition to such a platform could be set as a target at some point.

if there is a forum with free javascript has same features as this one , we are happy to look into it. (phpbb and all bb literally i went through each one of them and they all sucks)

but if you want discourse to make JS free version or use open source JS that would be nice as well, but suggestion should be posted on their side.

In my opinion most of the features on discourse are not necessary. Some are just distractions (all the badges for example).

I am well aware that javascript-free sites are quite an exception today but many other things about Whonix are, and for a good reason.

discourse is a javascript based project. A feature request to make a non-javascript version I bet would be futile.


I don’t see a reason to make any requests. This kind of transition should be accomplished with an existing platform. There are onion sites running forums with many more users, without any javascript whatsoever and are very successful without the fancy features of discourse.

@Patrick I saw there are further security issues with discourse in the link you provided, although I didn’t quite understand them.

A separate issue but I don’t want to open a new thread:

When I try to login to the onion version of the forum, I am redirected to the clearnet version (without being logged in). That’s for the case I entered correct credentials. When I enter wrong credentials I get an error message accordingly (as it should be). Then, if I close the tab and open the onion address in a new one, I am logged in to the onion site. Does anybody else experience this issue?

Some other points I just noticed that may or not be interesting:

  • In the login screen, “login with Facebook” and “login with twitter” display error messages. Not that I intend to login with either, but it’s still a bug if the feature is provided.
  • “Privacy policy” and “Terms of service” users are required to agree to before opening an account link to Imprint - Whonix, a page that lists details of a Canadian company instead of any policy or terms of service.

That was brought up in this thread:


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This is the correct link:

Reading through it, I am even more convinced we should move away from Discourse and opt for something simpler to maintain.

Hi kasuvus

If we made the decision to do this would you be willing help with the transition? Meaning, we are low on human resources and we would need to find someone that:

  1. Would stick around for a while so we could get to know you
  2. Could find and test a suitable platform and would conduct all the required testing.
  3. Has the required knowledge to move all fourm data to the new platform. Must not break anything such as forum links etc
  4. Would assist our current sysadmin with bug reports, patches etc…
  5. Would be willing to do this free of charge.
  6. Likely other things as brought up by lead developer, sysadmin.
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Perfection is far away. Suggestions are cheap. Implementation is expensive.

In short:
Very unlikely to happen.

Post Turn off Javascript in Whonix Forums - #2 by Patrick still applies.

The first question, is it considered by others as an important task at all or do other don’t share my views?

If the answer is no, there is no need in further discussion, I don’t think anybody should spend their time and effort on my private projects or preferences.

But if the answer is yes, the next is, how high is it in the priorities list? Judging by Patrick’s last post, not very high.

I read here a lot. Previously things were explained by lack of webmaster / sysadmin. Now that there is a sysadmin, and he is indeed struggling to resolve issues with this forum anyway, I am here to make a suggestion regarding the direction. I do not see a clear link between my suggestion and additional efforts requires. In fact I believe it will save time and resources in the long term.

You can dismiss this post as yet another request / demand by someone who doesn’t care to do much and assist, but I think you should at least take seriously the concerns a committed contributor such as torjunkie expressed in the thread linked above and not disregard that as “too high expectations”.

To your questions, I can help in contributions, not so much in time.

Not a volunteer webmaster.

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FSF using discourse.


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