Turn off Javascript for Forums

Looking at the new forum, it has put me off to registering because it requires:

  1. Javascript to browse the site properly
  2. Email-address to join site

Both these shouldn’t be compulsory for this forum.

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No way. This forum is javascript-only. The discussion to change the forum software is over.
( Change Whonix forum software to discourse )
Won’t be changed anytime soon.

Your best bet is interacting with forum by e-mail. You can reply to posts you are receiving by e-mail. New thread creation is also possible, but I am not sure we properly enabled it yet.

u remind me of I2P forums.

but sadly u cant find any free open source forum designed with modern technologies that doesnt support javascript.

also it is hard to find sucha clearnet forum with no email registration. malicious bots will destroy the forum content.

but generally , it is not critical problem. u can use fake email , fake user name. javascript it is ok to enable it here because we r not google or facebook or any bad company following their steps.

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