Trying to properly download & install Whonix for Mac OS

I’m fairly new to Whonix, but I’ve read much of the documentation on it for beginners. I am trying to install Whonix in Virtual Box with Mac OS host. I looked up the instructions and it recommends that I do “OpenPGP Verification of Whonix ™ in macOS”. I’m not familiar with GPG so I looked it up and ended up downloading it from the website that Whonix linked to: GPGTools website. The instructions for all this are very confusing and all over the place. First, on the first instruction, in the “Verify Virtual Machine Images on the Command Line” page, the instructions say: " 1. Import the signing key.
Refer to the [Whonix Signing Key] instructions." I clicked on the link that said “Whonix Signing Key” and it takes me to: " Download the Whonix ™ Signing Key". From there I followed the instruction until it says " 1. Download [Patrick Schleizer] (adrelanos’) [OpenPGP] key ‘patrick.asc’
2. Store the key as ~/patrick.asc I’m stuck on this part. How exactly do I " Store the key as ~/patrick.asc" What exactly does that mean? Please help. Thank you.

That means to name the downloaded keyfile “patrick.asc” and to save it in your /home directory. The ~ is just shorthand for the path /home
Then import it into your gpg software. Once you have the key imported you can verify signature

Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but I’m not very tech savvy. Where would this “/home directory” be if someone is using a Mac OS host laptop? And are you supposed to type and rename the file “~patrick.asc” and save it somewhere? Thanks.

Mac uses Unix commands so home is where the folders “Documents,” Downloads," “Pictures,” are stored. Open your file manager, click on your user name; where it takes you is your home folder. When you save patrick.asc, you can direct it to save in your home directory with the file manager

“google” search term:

macos home folder


ghostkatcher54 via Whonix Forum:





I found my home directory and the “~/patrick.asc” file is saved in my documents in Finder.
But then when I try to follow the instructions on my Terminal from the “Download the Whonix Signing Key” page, it says “can’t open ‘patrick.asc’: No such file or directory”. Please help, what am I doing wrong here?

I tried posting some screenshots of what I’m talking about, but for some reason this forum doesn’t let me post images or links.

You can post links now.

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