Trusting HulaHoop ?

I don’t want to sound rude, just want to know.

HulaHoop is singing whonix kvm images. Can i trust that he not put any evil code in that image ?

Does HulaHoop is know for other developers in real life ? Or he is just online ghost ?

Does anyone else checks what HulaHoop puts inside in images ?

How many people work on kvm images and how dev community make sure that evil things will not be in image ?

Don’t want to be rude, just want to understand more. Thank you all.

If you don’t want to trust anyone, you can build it from source code.

HulaHoop is pretty trustworthy though. He’s one of the main Whonix devs.

cc @HulaHoop

The same argument could be made about a lot other people including me.

Welcome to the world of insecurity. Fixed when? Faster when you help.

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