Trouble installing Anbox in Qubes-Whonix template

Hello. I am trying to install Anbox. I am following the instructions from the Whonix dot org wiki page:

Anbox - Run Android Applications and Games

I tried to post a link but I do not have permission.

I get this error when I attempt Android Image step 4:

user@host:~$ sha256sum --check android_amd64.img.sha256sum
android_amd64.img: OK
user@host:~$ sudo mv android_amd64.img /var/lib/anbox/android.img
mv: cannot move ‘android_amd64.img’ to ‘/var/lib/anbox/android.img’: No such file or directory

I am using a Qube with “tenplateVM” and template “whonix-ws-16”

I would be grateful for advice. Or, if there is a better Android emulator I would be interested to learn of it.

Folder /var/lib/anbox/ doesn’t exist. Did you apply the apt installation
instructions further on top of that wiki page?

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