Trouble connecting to VPN and proxies on Workstation

Hi all,

In order to get around the annoying Tor bans, I’ve been trying to connect to a VPN or proxy in the workstation.

When I connect to a proxy in Chromium or Iceweasel, it usually doesn’t work at all even though it’s good on other systems, or when it does connect it usually drops after a few seconds or 15 minutes tops. Are there any solutions or is this just Tor’s fault?

I have an OpenVPN connection setup in the KDE Network Manager, but I can’t seem to get it to respond at all and even attempt a connection. I’ve done this a thousand times before on Gnome Network Manager but this is really confusing me, is there something that I’m missing here with what I need to do?


Saw the related documentation already?

I’d advice using OpenVPN command line. I found GUI tools harder for diagnosing issues.