Translation to spanish


Hi, I’m Joe Woodall, a group of spanish speakers and I want to help with the spanish translation. I want instructions in order to start. Thank you Ego and Patrick.


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Like I already told you via mail, I’d need your wiki user names so I may add you to the translator class.

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Excelente hombre :sunglasses:


Sorry, I didn’t saw the mail. The users are jamb18, Angelmor, jimmy and joewoodall


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I sadly couldn’t find “joewoodall” and “Angelmor”. “jamb18” and “jimmy” have been added though.

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Sorry, I just created joewoodall, try again


Creo que ahora comienza lo bonito Joe, jajaja, a trabajar se ha dicho :v


I´ll like to add two new users: mrkimu & carlosgbr


Case apart, I think it would be good to start with the home, but it has no options for translation, can you tell me something about that Ego?


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First of all, “joewoodall” and “mrkimu” have been added, though “carlosgbr” doesn’t exist still.

Secondly, the “Translate this page button” above the language selector should give you access to the translation tools. According to your logs, you seem to have been on there already.

Further information may be optained from here: [HowTo] Preparing the Wiki for proper translation and translating homogeneously

Anyways, let me just thank you for your support.

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