Transfer - In Transit - Bigger Disc

Dear Patrick. Only a Question. My Disc is oversized cause to many people hosted on my Host, so i must transfer gateway and workstation to another bigger disk. Is this possible and what i can do wrong?

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Can do.

Can also do wrong a lot. Cannot make an exhaustive list.

Make backups beforehand. Exercise with unimportant VMs first.

What virtualizer?

VirtualBox? → Then use VirtualBox’s export feature. Export the VMs, import them again elsewhere. Easiest.

Mostly virtualizer specific question. Not very specific to Whonix.
You want two things:

  • a) keep VM settings
  • b) keep disk images

a) is simple. You could just import new Whonix VMs on a machine with a bigger physical host disk. Then instead using the fresh virtual hdd, you use the one you want to keep.

b) You need to figure out how to transfer a disk image from one location to another. And how to remove and re-attach it from/to the VM. This isn’t a Whonix specific question. This is purely virtualizer specific. This means you can take advantage of virtualizer specific documentation and support communities.

This is not exactly what you want but interesting because it explains how to remove / re-attach virtual hard disks:


Dear Patrick, sorry, that i write so late. I will try this and give a feedback to you. Big thank you for explain.:grinning:

Sorry i forgot - Virtualizer ist VBOX.


Can you contact me by e-mail please?

Mail is on the Way Patrick

Edit - Use Mail - send friday, get a return to sender, now second try.

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