Torify VM's with Whonix-Gateway, not working

Hi, I’am trying to torify my vm’s with whonix-gateway as stated here.
I tried editing etc files from comand line and configure eh0 with the GUI. With the first method ping comand didnt resolve and cant reach, with the second method ping resolves but with 100% packet loss, same for
How do I fix this? also can the gateway stop tor and forward connections to clearnet so i can which tor on and off in my VM’s?

You cannot use ping directly over Tor. ( Tor - Whonix )

Undocumented, unsupported. ( Undocumented, Untested or Unsupported Features )


Wow, that is a fast reply. I asumed network was not working because of ping not responding but I checked now and sites are loading and tor is on (tor check). So, is a good idea to have 2 network interfaces one connected to whonix-gateway and another connected directly to the host and swich between one and the other depending if I want tor on or off?

PD: thanks for your work and forgive my bad english :wink:

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Like @Patrick mentioned, is unsupported and could be dangerous, due to accidentally using the wrong connections and not removed cookies/cache which might link your “clearnet and darknet” activities.

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Very true. The only sane way is to never have your VM able to ever
connect to clearnet. Otherwise it is an recipe for disaster.