Torbrowser without Tor - where to put config files? (Qubes Debian template)

I’m trying to use Tor-browser without Tor. I’m trying to implement @2-unglaubig 's instructions (Site would let me post links, sorry. See forums entry …/tor-browser-10-without-tor/10313/7), but I’m having real problems finding the directories to put the firefox.cfg and autoconfig.js. I know I’m probably going to feel pretty stupid after this, but right now I really need a gentle nudge.

Here’s the situation:

  • This is an installation to a Qubes Debian template.

  • This is a non-Tor template. Only clearnet connections should ever be activated from this template and its AppVms.

  • (I apt purge'd Secbrowser from the system, but some files seem to remain (e.g. in /var/cache, but unsure if anywhere else)).

  • I installed tb-updater, as per instructions. I believe that this is the appropriate thing for Qubes non-Whonix, but correct me if this is wrong.

  • I also followed a Whonix instructions Other_Operating_Systems#Configure_Tor_Browser_Settings from that thread to and adjusted my /etc/environment to:

user@debian-10:~$ env | grep TOR

That page also recommends a different method of installation, and so when it instructs me to create user.js (Whonix wiki …/Other_Operating_Systems#cite_ref-12), the first directory in the file path, ~./tb, doesn’t exist on my system. Its seems a long deep path to just go ahead and create. However, I do have ~.tor, which I don’t really want.

user@debian-10:~$ torbrowser (from /usr/bin/torbrowser) and sets off the correct response for a Qubes template, i.e. it blocks the launch. So I assume it is there, alive and kicking. I don’t want to launch torbrowser if it risks establishing a Tor connection, so I don’t want to experiment in an AppVm.

So now… Where am I supposed to put those cfg and autoconfig files and/or user.js files? I have a /usr/share/torbrowser directory with the security-slider-highest.js in there, only. Is that the place?

I am thoroughly confused. Can you help?