torbrowser aa profile breaks Qubes split-browser and vm shutdown

Disclaimer: QubesOS-related issue

After installing apparmor-profile-torbrowser in a whonix-ws-16 template dedicated to split-browser*, the latter ceases to function properly: keyboard shortcuts no longer work (and I can’t access nor create new bookmarks), and instead normal TorBrowser/Firefox bindings resume.

Furthermore, after closing TB the dispvm no longer shuts down. Instead it remains running.

* github[dot]com/rustybird/qubes-app-split-browser

I see there’s an open PR from september 2021:

I’m not really familiar with aa yet, so before I manually modify the profile on my machine I was hoping to get your take on the proposed additions.

Am I better off without a torbrowser aa profile or should I implement the PR locally?

Feel free.

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Ahh perfect, I was just about to report that everything seems to be working fine with the patch.

Thank you!

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