torbirdy replacement

But the enigmail settings can be removed?

I need to see all of the thunderbird related configs. The repo search functions seem to have been messed up by MS lately. Then I have to see what the new options are for similar encryption settings set by Tails.

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OK figured out all the changes needed and will commit soon.

Note that
/etc/thunderbird/pref/30_whonix.js may also be obsolete?

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Note for self: all TB files are in this package:

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Usability impact only:

/usr/lib/thunderbird/thunderbird.cfg was lacking

pref(“mailnews.start_page.enabled”, false);

but config/chroot_local-includes/usr/lib/thunderbird/thunderbird.cfg · stable · tails / tails · GitLab has it

Was this on purpose?

Added just now.


pref(“extensions.torbirdy.gpg_already_torified”, true);

Since torbirdy was deprecated, is no longer installed and torbirdy isn’t to be found in about:config we can be confident that it can be removed.

Best to remove the setting (minor cleanup) but keep the rest of the file just in case for the future?

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