Tor (whonix) on portable wifi router

I have been accessing Whonix (VPN->Tor) on my portable wifi for awhile now.
I was wondering if it was unsafe to use this portable wifi network for private browsing?
I access to my personal emails and login to my sns every now on then.

This is rather problematic, due to protocol leaks:

I.e. cookies + a “zillion” of other ways other than IP that track your pseudonym [and after you log in somewhere, also your real identity].

See also:
Tips on Remaining Anonymous.

And also somewhat Anonymize Other Operating Systems applies here, since it is essentially a Whonix-Custom-Workstation that you are using.

Reason I use whonix is that so I can chain VPN (btc paid) encryption to hide my tor use.
Does everything here use anon wifi for VPN->TOR?

Know the tunnel documentation already? Contains lots of info you should be aware of that also answers this.