Tor updater, very slow

Facing a tiny issue with Installing tor on a new Workstation.
the download is extreamly slow, it would take hours to finish,
done with update && upgrade, installing tor remains, can i download it regulary and install it to the workstation through a USB or someother method?

thank you, great support.

Usually it doesn’t take so long.


  • your Tor happened to pick a very slow Tor entry guard and/or
  • an adversary is throttling your Tor connection to make you not use Tor and/or
  • to make you use another Tor entry guard that is under control of the adversary and/or
  • this is a bug in Tor
  • this is a Whonix bug.

The issue should be fixed rather than worked around.

Workarounds wouldn’t be simple. Such as using apt-offline or upgrading over clearnet. Undocumented.