Tor Privacy Settings

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I noticed that on Whonix, Tor’s privacy and security settings are by default set to low. Would it be good practice to raise it or is that referent to the trade off between security/anonymity in terms of increased demographic within the browser end up in the long run increasing anonymity?

Also, another question. Does running Gateway and Workstation in a VM (such as virtualbox) and browsing clearnet in the host yield anonymity issues?

Thanks and excuse the noobish questions.

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First of all, I guess you talk about the TBB as Tor in it self doesn’t really have any privacy settings. Please keep those two things seperate. Secondly, sadly, as far as I can tell, we can hardly change that. The TBB isn’t bundled with Whonix but downloaded after the fact and the way it is at the moment is just the way the TBB is usually configured after installation.

Regard this: Tips on Remaining Anonymous.

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We’re distribution integrators. We keep The Tor Project’s defaults. (The
ones distributing the Tor Browser Bundle [TBB].) The ones to convince
would be them.

We are not going as far as making such huge changes. Related (not a 100%

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