Tor Outdated - Whonix Gateway

Hello ,
why tor is outdated from long time … when i open arm on virtual-box gateway it shows:-

Tor (unrecommended)

i tried all repo to check possible update stable , proposed and testers but nothing …


For future reference you should use the forum search engine at the top right of your screen before you create a new post. (The same question was asked within the last week)

By entering “tor unrecommended” or "unrecommended " you will find this duplicate post which still applies to your question. :wink:

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Thanks for pointing me to feb 2017 , (6 month) old thread ,
you should check the date before mentioning it as of last week and telling me to use of search …
anyway thanks you i am still indebted and humbled that you replied to me … :smiley:

Your welcome. As I’m sure you know it makes no difference how old the thread is. The information is still pertinent and it answers your question fully. I did the same as most forum members would do.

I said the same question was asked within the last week. I never said the link was to a thread that was created within the last week.

Duplicate thread from this past week

As you can see, the thread (from this week) would have also directed you to the one from 6 month ago. There was no point in giving a link to that (duplicate) thread.

Right back at ya ; )