Tor Facebook and Anonimity, is it possible?

I ask this cause i want to use Whonix completly torrified and still use instagram and facebook but each time i try it says "Unusual traffic was noticed and i’m not able to get in.

I have many questions but i figured i would take them one at a time :blush:

Dunno if it will help but it explains the issue:


It’s not possible. Facebook will force you to de-anonymize yourself or they will lock your account.


Facebook offers an onion domain name where Tor users are probably not blocked but what madaidan applies nonetheless. Facebook might tolerate a bit pseudonymous use but after they got you accustomed to the service you they block account and ask for ID card upload to unblock - own experience.


Facebook is a tool of surveillance first and foremost. Same applies to Instagram.
Theses platforms have been designed to gather as much information as possible from the target. Long term Tor use and remaining anonymous while still using the service is not possible.

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