tor detected while using openvpn

Hi, i’m using an openvpn on my host machine(it works fine). But when i’m starting whonix and trying to check my status on dnsleaktest, 2ip, whoer it show me tor ip. How can i fix it? i’m start my openvpn through command line with sudo openvpn --config client.ovpn. But it looks like tor is connecting over my vpn.

That’s because the apps in Whonix are conneting thru Tor which is tunneleed through you openvpn.

The Openvpn is between you and the first Tor node and goes no firther for this setup.

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any advice how to fix it?

It depends what setup you want. If you want VPN thru Tor you run it in the WS. Check the wiki page linked above.

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