Tor competitors - Orchid Protocol, Mainframe, Obsidian, Skrumble, Dusk, Marconi, Loki

Anyone any information or opinion on any of them?






None of them are without blockchain/payment as a component. I haven’t seen any serious names or backing from the privacy research community working on them. One of them is a straight-up Freenet rip-off except requiring payment to do similar things.


All of them are Vaporware, these are again just another way to sell useless tokens.
There is no need for these shitcoins, since they don’t add anything to the space except PR Bullshit.

No sane Person would build something as stupid as these People, unless you want to scam a greater Fool to buy into it.

There are no real Competitors listed, they won’t be as secure as Bitcoin because they will never reach the Hashrate and they won’t compete with Tor because of their laughably small Network(if there even is one).

New Names same bullshit…


Stopped reading at node.js

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The Protocol is interesting but everything else same old shitcoin formula.
The Hashrate is also laughably low which indicates a low interest in the Network.
Adding a neat Protocol to a useless Token won’t make it more private or secure because of the small/minute audience…

I’m honestly amazed by the amount of BS and PR Twists they still come up with (not talking about Loki only).
Imagine someone tries to sells you the Outranets which is a new spin on the Internet with amazing features and so on but with only a limited amount of people,services who use it and you have to buy some wothless Token to buy in to it.
Would you buy the Outranet? :wink:

If so i got some amazing Snakeoil for sale…

The only real question regarding these “Projects” is:
Why do they need a Coin for that ?

I am not seeing anything near as detailed or knowledgeable as a single Tor spec let alone the entire protocol in their low level “explanation”: https://github.com/loki-project/loki-network/blob/master/docs/proto_v0.txt

Its description of Tor and I2P’s “shortcomings” is dishonest and ill-informed. Tor lacks UDP support because of the huge number of anonymity attacks this would open. Dir Auths are much safer than a DHT network as far as some attacks are concerned like flooding the network with low quality nodes or sybils.

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