Tor browsers is not starting!

I’ve just freshly installed Whonix on my Windows Hosted Oracle Virtual box, I’m trying to launch the Tor browser but it is not working! It is not giving me any errors and everything else launches fine :frowning:

When I click on the round “i” in the work station, it doesn’t open anything besides a box saying

Confirm Open

The following link will be opened in x-www-browser (/usr/bin/whichbrowser).

Be careful if x-www-browser (/usr/bin/whichbrowser) is already running as your activities might get linked.

whonix org/wiki/Whonix_Live


Followed by nothingness

Internet Browser isn’t opening either

Try start Tor Browser from command line as per

Also try

See if the provided error messages are any helpful. If not, please copy error messages here.