Tor Browser Updater (Whonix) doesn't work

Hi. I’ve just installed Whonix and got this problem:
When I launch in Whonix-Workstation TorBrowser it asks me to install it. I press yes, and after long time downloading I’ve got this:

Update by Patrick:
Changed title.

1 question per thread please. Not so unrelated ones please.

You unfortunately missed the news.

Outdated, Deprecated, Archived Whonix ™ Documentation. (was fixed)


  1. Sorry, I will create a new topic

  2. No, just my mistake. I did this, but not reboot. Anyway I’ve got another problem:

How long did it download?

This shouldn’t persist?

Change your Tor circuit:

Then try again. Or try again later. Should really not be a long issue. Looks more like a network issue.

Nothing changed. I’ve got the same problem as in first message “GPG download signature could NOT be verified”.

I opened KGpg and there is your key, so I don’t understand what is wrong

You don’t need my key in kgpg for this. You renewed key in in the system (apt-key). Then apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade, so you get latest version of tb-updater. (Currently only available from stable repository - if you used testers or developers repository in meanwhile, it will take a while until those are updated.)

With the tb-updater update comes a new key file:

Then Tor Browser Updater (Whonix) (= tb-updater package) will find the key.

Everything is working now, thanks.

I’m having the same issue after installing Whonix. I’m completely new to this. I got the first error and after I followed the instructions (without rebooting), I got the second error that stranger mentions above. After rebooting I ended up back at the first error.

Still works for me.

What version are you using? Whonix 9.6?

I’ve got this same issue, keeps failing the installation about half way through, I’m needing help

Which exact error message?

What Whonix version? Which platform (VirtualBox, KVM, Qubes, …)?

Hi Patrick

Sorry, I’ve got a thread open with all the screenshots and details, don’t know how to link to it though