Tor Browser Stream Isolation Issues

Hello y’all,

I recently upgraded from whonix 15 to 16. Everything is looking great so far, except I’m not getting my exit IP changed frequently enough on the Tor Browser.

Before with 15 I would refresh on hxxps:// and get a new public IP. Now it takes matters of minutes.

Is there a way for the Tor Browser to use multiple SOCKs proxies like curl and other tools use on the CLI? I would like for my IP to change more frequently when using the Tor Browser.


What method are you using to refresh the page?

Only “New Tor Circuit for this Site” (Ctrl+Shift+L) or New Identity (Ctrl+Shift+U) is supposed to give you a new circuit, and even such a new circuit can be expected to sometimes coincidentally use the same exit, which is fine.

If you’re simply reloading the page using the refresh button (Ctrl+R or Ctrl+Shift+R) then circuit reuse is intentional, and the previous behavior you experienced on Whonix 15 sounds like a bug.

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Ah you know it is quite possible I am getting confused with uwt supported CLI tools like curl. I was hoping to get a new exit IP each time I refreshed a page with the Tor Browser.

But if this is working as designed then I’d say case closed haha.

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Ideally circuit / exit changes would be unrealted to Whonix. Up to tor. And would be unspecific to Whonix.

Generic Bug Reproduction might be required.

That is different and specific to Whonix indeed.

In short: each time curl is run inside Whonix, actually torsocks curl is being run.

All uwt wrapped applications will be stream isolated by torsocks [archive] /etc/tor/torsocks.conf setting IsolatePID 1.

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Wow thank you for the detailed reply Patrick. I love Whonix and you have done amazing work!

Thank you!