Tor Browser - New identity problem

“Torbutton cannot safely give you a new identity. It does not have access to the Tor Control Port.
Are you running Tor Browser Bundle?”

Somebody else affected? Any ideas about this problem?

Hi zilika

What Whonix version are you using?


cat /etc/whonix_version

Are you affected by Permissions on directory /var/run/tor are too permissive Error?


Does whonixcheck show any errors in Whonix-Gateway and/or Whonix-Workstation?

Whonix Gateway whonixcheck:

user@host:~$ whonixcheck
[INFO] [whonixcheck] Connected to Tor.
[INFO] [whonixcheck] Whonix is produced independently of, with no guarantee from, The Tor Project. Whonix is experimental software. Do not rely on it for strong anonymity.
[INFO] [whonixcheck] Whonix APT Repository: Enabled.
When the Whonix team releases BUSTER updates,
they will be AUTOMATICALLY installed (when you run apt-get dist-upgrade)
along with updated packages from the Debian team. Please
read Placing Trust in Whonix ™ to understand the risk.
If you want to change this, use:
sudo whonix_repository
[INFO] [whonixcheck] Debian Package Update Check: Checking for software updates via apt-get… ( Documentation: Operating System Software and Updates - Kicksecure )
[INFO] [whonixcheck] Debian Package Update Check Result: No updates found via apt-get.
[INFO] [whonixcheck] Please donate!
See: Donating to Whonix ™

Whonix Workstation whonixcheck:

[INFO] [whonixcheck] Tor Connection Result:

  • Connecting for 10 seconds.
  • Tor Circuit: not established.
  • Timesync status: not done.
  • sdwdate reports: Prerequisite check not done yet. More more information, see: sdwdate-gui → right click → Open sdwdate’s log
    ^Cwhonixcheck: signal SIGINT received. Cleaning up… Exiting…
    [INFO] [whonixcheck] whonixcheck aborted! (SIGNAL_TYPE: SIGINT)

@0brand Whonix 15

Not a Tor Browser issue then. It is strange that Whonix-Gateway says it is connected while Whonix-Workstation thinks it is not connected.

What platform? VirtualBox?

Using multiple Whonix-Workstation’s and/or multiple Whonix-Gateway’s?

Is this happening with freshly imported Whonix or did you do any changes beforehand?

It was a problem with Whonix Gateway, I dont know what, but a fresh Whonix Gateway solved the problem. Sorry if I wasted your time Patrick.

Thank you