Tor Browser in Whonix blocks JavaScript (only when started for the first time) and in DispVMs

There is also a lot going on here outside of Whonix control, meaning The Tor Project deciding to

  • not enable to set noscript to blocking of all scripts globally by default,
  • not persist noscript per-site settings by default,
  • remove noscript from Tor Browser menu bar by default

See also this very comment:

Whonix Tor Browser's NoScript is occasionally disabled(unrestrictive) · Issue #5102 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub



Does this imply that the expected behaviour is for NoScript to not block the scripts?

Defaults are up to The Tor Project. See also:

Tor Browser Essentials

Or so it says in the Whonix issue?

If there was one it should now be fixed in Whonix 15 and with later
upgrades this will be further solidified. See tb-updater git commit history.

If so, how is this behaviour controlled? I’d prefer to have it block all scripts by default on every Disposable VM start.

Tor Browser by The Tor Project does not provide an environment variable
or documentation on how to enable blocking of all scripts upon start of
Tor Browser. Neither a ticket against Tor Project exists.

See also:

Tor Browser Essentials

Tor Browser Essentials

Also, is there a bug filled for the disappearence of the NoScript button in the browser menu bar?

Decision by Tor Project.

It’s really annoying have it drag it from Customizations each time you use a Disposable VM.

Customizations discouraged by Tor Project, documented here:

Tor Browser Essentials

This was reported upstream.

//cc @Patrick

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Thanks for noticing. Answered there just now.

Maybe the patch that fixed this issue is the cause?


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Great find! Pointed that out in the ticket.

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