tor browser dosnt install

I install new whonix and now i cant download the tor browser. (error failded to download )

can u fix it

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Which TBB version did you try to install? Did you verify the images?

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Which virtualizer/platform? Which Whonix version?

the last whonix version on virtualbox. i downloaded the tor from console @apt-get install tor@ and it work good. but ur launchers on desctop doesnt work

This is neither required nor useful in Whonix. Whonix-Gateway has Tor installed by default and Whonix-Workstation should not have it installed.

Tor is an anonymizer developed by The Tor Project. Tor Browser is a web browser
developed by the Tor Project optimized for privacy. Please don’t substitute writing Tor when you mean Tor Browser or the confusion will be perfect.

I advice reading this:
Free Support for Whonix ™

And I advice to read basic Whonix documentation.

Whonix documentation is a crash course in anonymity and security on the Internet. Whonix is a technological means to anonymity, but staying anonymous is not just a technological problem. Anonymity is a complex problem without an easy solution. The more you know, the safer you can be.

Does whonixcheck point out any warnings or errors?

no errors. maybe its cuz i install xfce4

Not likely, but possible xfce this breaks tb-updater gui mode since msgdispatcher was not tested in xfce for a long time. Is msgdispatcher started? To find out, run:

ps aux | grep msgdispatcher

Try running tb-updater in cli mode. Open a console (Konsole). Run:


If that does not work, please run the following command in a console. It would help figuring out what is happening.

time curl.anondist-orig --fail --proxy socks5h://user:password@ --tlsv1.2 --proto =https --max-time 3600 --output /home/user/.cache/tb/files/tor-browser-linux64-6.0.1_en-US.tar.xz

tor is working (like gateway tor) and tor browser on workstation i downloaded from official site. so all work fine…
just launchers on desktop was dont work(download tor). but i delete it allready so tnx for help now its fine