Tor-Browser do not start!

Sorry, do not work. The same Problem as before!

Question. Is it possible to install the TB NEW?

Best Regards


It’s one long command, not three commands. It’s also possible as three separate commands.

ls -la ~/.tb/tor-browser/start-tor-browser.desktop
ls -la ~/.tb/tor-browser/Browser/start-tor-browser
ls -la ~/.tb/tor-browser/Browser/start-tor-browser.desktop
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I guess the issue is when you made a backup of the browser folder, which you know restored…? Right?

I guess file permissions for executable got lost during restore of the backup. You could try this fix:


Of course it is possible to reinstall Tor Browser.

Also of course it is possible to restore data from an old browser profile to a new browser profile. Regular Firefox documentation applies.


Only difference: different file paths

Look for these files in your old browser folder ~/.tb/tor-browser, backup them (better backup the whole browser folder):

  • key4.db - This file stores your key database for your passwords. To transfer saved passwords, you must copy this file along with the following file.
  • logins.json - Saved passwords.
  • places.sqlite - Bookmarks, Downloads and Browsing History

And then copy them over after re-downloading Tor Browser.

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Hello dear Patrick, i try this, but for me it do not work!

My Solution and it works! (Fantastic, i am very happy about this…! ! ! )

Problem solved!

Patrick and all the others who helped me find a solution to my problem and supported me, many thanks!

** - Edit - Yes i do this before. You are right!*

Best Regards!


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