Tor before TorGuard (VPN) broke in 16 (works fine in 15) out of the box.

In Whonix 15 (Debian 10). TorGuard worked great out of the box in openVPN TCP mode, requires no modifications to Whonix whatsoever, fresh whonix install then install TorGuard and VPN works like a charm.

in Whonix 16 (Debian 11). Once you connect to a VPN w/ TorGuard the DNS is broken. I see the updated nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf but hostnames dont resolve.

Only way to get it to work is set Torguard to use custom DNS and set it to Whonix Gateway IP (, but this of course causes DNS leak to Tor instead of Torguard DNS.

Anyone have any ideas on what specifically could cause this in WX 16 only and not in 15?