To add a line in /etc/tor/torrc without changing it.


You can help me. I need to add the line ReachableAddresses *:9002 in /etc/tor/torrc but what debsums would coincide. I tried to add /etc/tor/tor.d/torrc.conf but nothing works.

What debsums has to do with it?

What do you mean by “nothing works”?

If I add a line to the /etc/tor/torrc file hash will not match in debsums. I just need that would debsums match a hash of all the files. How to make a tor always use port 9002? What need create a file?

Why do you care about debsums? It’s not a security tool if you think
that. See:


You cannot edit a config file and then expect debsums would not catch
it. That’s what debsums is for.

And since Tor has not .d folder, there is no alternative to editing


Ok. Thank you. If there is no alternative then it is better to edit /usr/share/tor/tor-service-defaults-torrc

No because these will be overwritten without asking on upgrade.

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