Things in process manager

I don’t know why I didn’t motivate myself to join this community sooner than now, but I’ve been a Whonix user for quite awhile. It’s so well built that I havent had any issues until now, or at least I’d thought that to be the case. At any rate, I have two questions here for someone that knows more about this than I do!

I see this task [bioset] in dom0 when i have a ws and gw running on the hypervisor, but I can’t find anything online that’s really too informative about the possible issue relating to Qubes-os 3.2

The other question is the same question but about these tasks that are called [1.xvdb-0].

I checked and the [Bioset] task runs in Dom0 when whonix is not running as well, but when it is running there’s 10x the amount of instances than when it isn’t. Same goes for the [1.xvdb-0] processes as well, they are in ascending order in this case though, not the identical name as with [bioset] If anyone could give me some insight into these two items please do, I would greatly appreciate it!

Hi, welcome to the forums, please move this question to Qubes support as per It’s because it’s a dom0 internals question.