the duckduckgo search engine - how to get rid of it when inputting an address

this is probably simple, but…whenever i paste an address to go to in the whonix tor browser, it continually defaults to searching for it with duckduckgo, so continually can’t get to the address. how do I get rid of this function? I just want to be able to paste an address and use the browser to go straight there, without this duckduckgo (or any other search engine) searching for it

Unspecific to Whonix.
Unspecific to Tor Browser.

Every browser on every system acts like this.

There are two instances I know the behavior you described above occurs:

  1. not link format, the search engine will be used. Example http://somesite .com, notice the space, because of an invalid link format, search engine will be used
  2. When during writing the link on the url bar, you select one of the search engines. To stop search with the search engine, on the url bar, on the right side the magnifier glass click on the “X” of the search engine to stop searching through it and accept links.

If you didn’t find this helpful, go to about:preferences#search on the Tor Browser to see if you find something.

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