Testing Whonix-Installer for Windows


As the developer answered here https://encode.ru/threads/2724-Looking-for-SREP64 you could use http://freearc2.azurewebsites.net but some links don’t work, you could manually replace them with this domain

latest version of srep:

source code for the latest version of freearc:


binaries for the latest version:


note: the files in http://freearc2.azurewebsites.net/Download.aspx are from very old 0.666 version, most stable is the latest 0.67

It would be good to have a reproducible installer supporting freearc as that is the optimal way to implement this better compression I mentioned


it is possible, I found at least one slow but reproducible method (18+ minutes decompression, 1,15 GB)

I hope to find an optimal method and post it soon


I have an idea, if it’s possible we could add an option to only extract .ova files for people who would like to use Whonix manually as before or for those who would like to keep ova files as backup. I would prefer to download a compressed installer and extract the images rather than download the images themselves.


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Sure Sound like a good idea. Will look into how this may be accomplished.

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If you haven’t checked out yet, you can find many installers here that support/include freearc, srep and others. Most game repacks/releases originate from here



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Thanks. Thing is that I Need an installer which is capable of handling other installers like the one for VBox. That’s the main issue and reason for choosing NSIS over other Solutions.

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I have an idea, if it’s possible we could add an option to only
extract .ova files for people who would like to use Whonix manually
as before

Not such a valid reason. In that case you can still download individual
ovas since we need to keep them for Linux platform support anyhow.

or for those who would like to keep ova files as backup. I
would prefer to download a compressed installer and extract the
images rather than download the images themselves.

More valid reason for power users.

I am concerned about the usability aspect of this. We’d move from an
installer where one can more or less mindlessly press next into one with
options that many users confuse? Or should this be implemented as an
"advanced" button that hopefully gets ignored without confusion by most?

Would manually extracting the installer to obtain the gateway and
workstation images in cmd.exe be an acceptable solution for this feature?


FYI: Looks like GlobaLeaks likes Whonix Windows installer very much.


The new tool is called pzlib, it is open source, it decompresses zlib streams in files and makes them bigger so we can compress them later with better compressors. In the end, it restores the original file. It has 3 versions, the newer ones were buggy but this one turned out to be stable and creates reproducible results. Similar tools were usually very slow. When restoring files, pzlib supports multi-threading to speed up the operation. By default it uses 50% of the available cores.

Source code and binaries of pzlib are available here:


You need to be logged in to download, you can use these:

username: bugmenot_
password: bugmenot

Let’s create the same whonix.tar file

touch -d “2000-01-01 00:00:00 UTC” gateway.ova
touch -d “2000-01-01 00:00:00 UTC” workstation.ova
7za a -ttar whonix.tar gateway.ova workstation.ova

pzlib should create a 8,69 GB whonix.pz file out of 3,89 GB

pzlib e -v whonix.tar -o whonix.pz

srep will turn this into a 2,62 GB whonix.srep file

srep -m4f -hash- whonix.pz whonix.srep

let’s compress this file with xz using 7za to get to 1,20 GB

7za a -txz whonix.xz whonix.srep

Note: It is possible to lower the final size about 50 MB more but that requires a 64 bit 7za executable when compressing due to memory requirements, which means some people wouldn’t be able to reproduce the archive (with 32 bit OS/VM or low RAM) but it doesn’t change decompression requirements much.

These are my SHA256 hashes:

whonix.tar - 3,89 GB
whonix.pz - 8,69 GB
whonix.srep - 2,62 GB
whonix.xz - 1,20 GB

single step decompression without temporary files:

7za x whonix.xz -so | srep -d -hash- - - | pzlib d - -o - | 7za x -ttar -si

on my PC, it takes 8 minutes to extract the gateway.ova and workstation.ova files with this command


You can create a 1,15 GB file with FreeArc using -mpzlib+srep:m4f:hash-+dispack070+lzma:max:128mb, you can add --nodates

You need to add pzlib to arc.ini for this to work:

[External compressor:pzlib]
header = 0
packcmd   = pzlib e -v - -o - <stdin> <stdout>
unpackcmd = pzlib d - -o - <stdin> <stdout>


Successfully extracted whonix.xz using 32 bit XP VM with 512 MB RAM

@Ego I would like to see your results


Could the installer choose between 32 or 64 bit executables depending on the system? 64 bit was 20-30% faster on my tests


Whonix 14 will be 64 bit only.


I read that it is possible to run 64 bit VM under 32 bit OS as long as the hardware supports it


State of offical 64 bit builds

@Ego any progress? do you need any help?


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First of all, please excuse my limited activity on here, I sadly had to attend a few private matters lately which had quite some Impact on the amount of time I could dedicate to this.

Furthermore, the thing is that I’m not sure whether we as an open Project really are able to rely on Software wose source Code is sadly not publicly available. Telling someone who’d like to build from source that they should use a BugMeNot account is not only problematic from a Publicity perspective but also from our Basic philosophy of making Things openly accessible.

The developer fortunately has a Github account though this Project is sadly not on there. I’ve contacted him asking whether he could make the source Code available there or in another public form.

Again, it is hard for me to express how thankful I am for your Support. I am Aware that it can seem exhausting since I sadly have to go this route in order to be able to provide the source Code as is intended.

Thank you very much and have a great day,



He has been online today on fileforums, have you received an answer?

In either case, I thought the best place to upload the files while not looking like claiming ownership of the project myself would be the other forum page he opened, which he did not update with the last version and source code. It could be downloaded directly from there without an account, thanks to this I also archived the page and the files on archive.org. Is this good enough whether/until the developer himself replies to you?

Forum page: https://encode.ru/threads/2506-pZLib
pzlib_1210.7z (645.8 KB) https://encode.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=4848&d=1489555841
pZlib_source.7z (49.6 KB) https://encode.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=4849&d=1489555841

On archive.org
Forum page: https://web.archive.org/web/20170315054347/https://encode.ru/threads/2506-pZLib
pzlib_1210.7z: https://web.archive.org/web/20170315054347/https://encode.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=4848&d=1489555841
pZlib_source.7z: https://web.archive.org/web/20170315054347/https://encode.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=4849&d=1489555841

SHA256 Hashes:
pZlib_source.7z: A9ED561D8F104B1A3217D8437C28F3CDA5BBB2FF80D30EF6124B5EAFEA59BBC3


This is a huge opportunity, it would be sad if we don’t make use of pzlib, like srep they are state of the art tools, there is no similar tool that:

  • actually works
  • is open source
  • supports multi-threaded decompression
  • stdin-stdout support (extracting in a single step without temporary files and faster), very important and it is not very common
  • reproducible results


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Currently, I am still awaiting a Response.

Furthermore, I fully agree with you considering the Statement that this would be massively beneficial. Either way, I am spending the time until this Situation resolves on implementation and testing (the part which eats time like nothing) so there is nothing lost.

The issue is that the pzlib source files do currently not contain a Copyright notice making any use on our site legally problematic, as the installer as a whole being under MIT would lead to me appropriating that Piece of Software. While I am strong in believing that the creator would have no issue with that seing the way he provides pzlib, that sadly doesn’t Change the legal and General Situation.

Thank you for your Support,



Greetings everyone, I’m Razor12911, the creator of pzlib. I’ve been going through this post for the last couple of hours, one thing that I’ve noticed is that you guys want to use what I have created, which is a zlib precompressor, well there really isn’t any issue its usage of the program but there is a condition utilising it, nothing major but the creator must be mentioned in the credits/acknowledgement list.

Regarding source, well unfortunately I cannot share the latest source however I noticed that my older source of the program has been linked to this thread, which is totally fine, it can be utilized without any problems license wise because the only acknowledgement to its creation goes to the creator of zlib and that’s it, everything else was self written.

Secondly what I noticed is you guys are planning on creating an installer for your product that must meet specific needs, well as it turns out, compression isn’t the only thing I specialize in, I can also create installation packages from top to bottom that utilize pzlib, srep and other compressors mentioned to this thread. I can help out if you want any custom installation creation, if you need any.