Testing Whonix-Installer for Windows


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Sorry, I just now found some time to get around and do this.

They appear to be checking out perfectly. Thank you. Will include it in the source and make a new build in the comming days.

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I could extract whonix.tar.srep even inside an XP VM with 100 MB RAM (10 MB free RAM) so what I said before about memory requirement may not be true


@Patrick I edited this page but still waiting for some response here or on the mailing list, do you plan to wait for the response?




Response or not. I am going to change from root to 0.


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About --mode=go=rX,u+rw,a-s

This is a good solution, however it doesn’t ensure reproducibility. It doesn’t touch the executable bit, so mode 6XX is recorded as 644 whereas 7XX is recorded as 755 in the archive. To guarantee reproducibility you could use chmod +x on executable files and directories and chmod -x on other files before creating the tar. Do you have a better idea? This should be documented in the reproducible-builds.org website, if nobody else does, I may do it soon


Using an mtree file is another option, perhaps useful if you need more customization


In case there are no executable files or directories, using --mode=644 would be the easiest solution


I don’t think strip-nondeterminism supports xz archives, probably unnecessary anyway


I wonder if it’s better to keep for the future.



I guess that is hard for windows users who never used the command line for anything ever. Could you please add how to open a windows command prompt? And then gpg will be already usable? No /full/path/to/gpg or PATH variable modifications required?



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Added a command on opening the command line.

Yes, is directly usable from any directory.

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  1. Open the command line by running cmd.exe

User will probably ask “How do I run a command?”.


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Made further additions.

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What is better,

  1. Store it as ~/ego.asc.

Can you please update this for Windows? Or is ~ also a concept on Windows?

  1. Open the command line by running cmd.exe

Cold you make this something like

Open a command prompt by Start Menu -> Programs -> ... -> cmd.exe?



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Both are fine, though the former can be easier to reuse for other versions of the installer.

Well, it is a part of the known syntax, though if someone doesn’t know how to launch cmd, they likely will have little knowledge on that. Will phrase it better.

Well, cmd hasn’t been included in the start menu for almost two decades, so I’ll use Win+R.

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These instructions are Windows specific and cannot be not Windows specific.

I always typed cmd.exe into the search function. Win+R seems alright.


I achieved 3,89 GB -> 1,18 GB compression however not reproducible, trying to see if it’s possible


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That is amazing! That being said, I’ve been working on implementing SREP with NSIS and sadly had to rewrite quite a lot of Code (maybe I should try InnoSetup again, seeing how SREP and FreeArc are directly supported there). That by itself is no Problem, considering how much easier the download would become, however, there seems to have been an issue arising.

The Freearc Homepage, including the source-code appears to be gone entirely. Visiting http://freearc.org only leads to a parked advertisment by some Domain owner and the Code doesn’t seem to have been cloned to Github.

Since you seem to be quite knowledgable with the Project and compression in General (thanks again for helping us) I was wondering whether you had any what had been going on there. Looking at a WayBack copy of the site, the last update happend in 2010, so I’m guessing someone didn’t renew the license for the URL, though that is only speculation.

On the creators Github, neither SREP nor FreeArc seem to be present, only a sketch for Freearc Next: https://github.com/Bulat-Ziganshin/FA/wiki

I’ve already contacted the developer since I would really enjoy using your idea as it has the potential to make using Whonix that much easier.

Thank you very much and have a nice day,


Edit: Just now noticed, the site says that the Domain expired on the bottom.