Testers Wanted! Upgrading Whonix 10 to Whonix 11 ( )


Instructions for upgrading Whonix 10 to Whonix 11 are ready. A few more steps are required than the usual steps for upgrading.

Check out the instructions:


Please test and report back.

Forum discussion:



At first thanks to the hole Whonix Team for Whonix 11. You’re doing an amazing job!

I did an upgrade from Whonix 10 to 11 following the wiki and had no issues during the upgrade process. All went very smooth.

Since the upgrade i have a notice when doing a ‘su -’ in KDE Konsole.

setterm: terminal xterm does not support --blank

Beside this had no time to test Whonix 11 further, yet.

Thanks. Tracking this here.
Will be fixed in Whonix 12. Or get the updated script as soon as it’s in git. Soon.