Testers wanted! Blocking networking until sdwdate finished!

sdwdate-gui is not started by default in #Qubes because make sdwdate-gui Qubes friendly is not done.

Once we have that graphical user interface part done and once we have enable sdwdate-gui systray by default done and a ton of testing we can get a new #anonymity feature:

iptables block network access until #sdwdate succeeded.

Instructions for testing:

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There has been some work on sdwdate-gui for Qubes for a while. I was waiting for Whonix 14 to be officially released before calling for testers. Did not update https://phabricator.whonix.org/T534 (lack of time).


The installation is straightforward for the templates (whonix-gw-14 and whonix-ws-14 for the time being) but some files have to be installed in dom0 too.

I could write some installation instructions for testers, depending on an answer. Will the name of the templates and gateway include version number in Whonix 14 release?

Current status:

  • sys-whonix menu includes Tor status and Tor control panel, providing https://github.com/troubadoour/tor-control-panel is installed.
  • the anon vms menu are the same as old sdwdate-gui.
  • the anon vms are registered when starting.
  • the anon vms are unregistered when powered off normally, not when killed.

That’s great! Yes, please write the instructions for testers!


whonix-gw-14 and whonix-ws-14

Which means sys-whonix-14 too ?

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No. Only templates will be versioned.

Names sys-whonix and anon-whonix stay as is.


Documentation is now here:

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