telegram from the stable repository is outdated.

The stable repository offers telegram version 2.6.1.
I downloaded it and when I try to log in to my telegram account - I see a alert:
"You are using an outdated app that is no longer supported. To access your messages, please update your app to the latest version."

After that, I tried to download telegram from the bullseye-backports repository. It contains a newer version of telegram (2.9.x), but when trying to log in to my account - I saw the same error.
Next, I tried to download telegram from the debian-test repository, which contains an even newer version of telegram and only with it I managed to log in to my account.

Please tell me, how safe is it to use telegram from the test repository? I plan to make a separate template vm and a separate app vm for telegram app.

Thank for answers

Please refer to the Frozen Packages entry in the Operating System Software and Updates chapter.

debian-test repository?

See Install from Debian Testing, answers this?

If so, please don’t invent new/idiosyncratic phrases / do not substitute “Debian testing repository” with “Debian test repository”. Needed to think for a while to figure out what that could be perhaps something provided by telegram.org.


Yes. I meant “debian testing repository”

please tell me which installation method is preferable from a security point of view?
Installing from debian testing repository, or installing .tar.gz archive from the official telegram website?

I believe that both methods are acceptable and do not pose security risks. When installing from the official website, you get a fresh release.


https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Telegram#Installation updated just now

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