TBB Hash could not be verified (tb_sha_exit_code:1)

When running the Tor Browser Updater to install TBB for the first time, I am repeatedly getting the following error:

Error: Hash could Not be verified (tb_sha_exit_code:1)

I am selecting TBB 5.0.1

This is the second day I have tried, and have been getting this repeatedly

Is this possibly some type of error with my configuration (Standard Virtualbox images) of Whonix or am I am getting a corrupted file each time?

The error just says to try again later so I am not sure what to check to remedy this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

After reading some other posts it seems that I may just need to upgrade to Whonix11 ?

If that is the case feel free to disregard this thread.

Upgrade to Whonix 11 in any case.

I am still experiencing this issue after upgrading to Whonix 11

I then ran update-torbrowser from the cli and was able to determine that it seems the issue is that the download of the tbb is timing out. Looks like it then runs the hash on the incomplete download and I guess that is why it is failing?

I poked around and it looks like I can just increase the value for "curl_download_max_time=“3600” " in the script

Does that timeout relate to any security concerns or is it just what is considered a reasonable time for the download to complete?

The default already is 3600.

Check your version.

In Whonix 11, it should be:

The “tb-hash error message in case of download timeout bug” was fixed in a later version. Consider testing it from source or the testers repository.


Timeout purpose…

The timeout is there to prevent endless data attacks or bugs. [Would lead to hdd fill up, denial of service.]

Prevent freezing forever.

Sorry should have been more clear

The 3600 value is indeed what is listed in my version.

I was just asking if it is ok for me to increase that value in hopes of not getting a timeout

I will double it and see if the download completes

Yes, feel free.