TBB differences in Whonix from TBB in plain Debian

i have found there is a different of TBB inside whonix and TBB from Torproject.

the different is that the TBB from Torproject it will not open/connect if there is no internet connection and it will stuck on “connecting”. While TBB inside whonix open the first page even if there is no internet connection.

The question is , is there any security problems for this?

though there is advantage of TBB-whonix , you can take your bookmarks even if you lost internet connection.

Not that I know.

Either way, TBB inside Whonix or outside. Whatever link you manage to click, it should always be failsafe, i.e. whether Tor has a connection or not is irrelevant, TBB should not be trying to connect through clearnet.

In case of outside Whonix:
Tor not being connected doesn’t magically change proxy settings.

In case of inside Whonix:
Tor not being connected doesn’t magically change proxy settings or firewall rules.

TBB in plain debian prohibit and the user from downloading to /user/downloads or any other folder.

TBB in Whonix or in debian-Qubes, bypassing that to any folder.

Thx to @HulaHoop , it would not happen without installing/enabling security=apparmor + you get your tbb from torbrowser-launcher + firejail.

Or none of them (not 100% sure)

but point of @HulaHoop valid, its not by default.

Not in my experience. I am able to choose custom download paths on Debian every time. The only way to “prohibit” this is if Tor Browser made use of an inflexible Apparmor profile, but this is not the case.

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exist in TB within Debian, But not in TB within Whonix.

Did i miss something?

cc @Patrick



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Websites shouldn’t be able to know that so I don’t see the problem.

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Still considered as something different from the vanilla TBB whether that causing problems or not.