System Settings Errors

Applications Style

  • Widget Style of GNOME/GTK Applications

it has no effect on the icons if you change it.

Desktop Behavior

  • Screen Locking Timeouts

it should be tuned off as it has no effect (or actually bad one) on a VM distro, since the host is the real distro who should use that.


  • Configure web shortcuts

this should be turned off by default as (i think) it has only effect on konqueror


  • Configure file associations

i think all should be turned off as it has no effect on TBB


  • Cache

I dont think we need cache as its disabled by default inside TBB

  • Cookies

cookies inside TBB accepted only if TBB is opened but not offline or for future use. so cookies preferences should be changed.

  • Browser Identification

This has no relation/effect on TBB, and if there is then its a bad one.

Does Qubes-Whonix 14 Appearance Settings KDE Theme Widgets, dolphin, ark, theme, widgets, colors, fonts help?

No actual locking? I doubt this has any effect currently since kdm is not installed in Qubes-Whonix.

konqueror is not installed nor advisable.

If you look at Whonix 15 tag ⚓ Query: Advanced Search as well as people contributing code, I don’t think its worth reporting every oddity that has no effect and only shows up when digging deep.

no, nothing worked.

true no actual locking but u know its not good looking to keep it on while it should be off (even if its not working while its on).

making whonix better from every edge as much as possible that should be the goal.