Sys-firewall - networkmanager won't run / cannot enable nm-applet

I have installed qubes-whonix. After having updated everything and everything appearing to be in working order I rebooted to finalize updates to the fedora template. Once the machine rebooted I logged onto qubes to find that I no longer had bootstrapping error with connecting to tor. However, I now get a little square in the system tray, when I right clock on it and select ‘About’ I get a little window with the heading ‘[sys-firewall] About NetworkManager Applet’. This networkmanager applet is not running as said by the bubble that appears when I hover over the small box. The prompt to enable it is also shaded out.

I have been unable to find any information on this. I do not have the knowledge to understand the implications of this. Appreciate any help in understanding or even solving this issue.

Thank you

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Sorry to tell you, but from what I can tell, this isn’t a question related to Whonix directly. Please thus ask in the Qubes forums.

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