Switching to ALSA

Pipewire use in Debian 11 possible, but needs testing:


I would vote for Alpine linux over Gentoo due musl and packages pre-compiled for ALSA

Very unlikely that we’ll ever port to something other than Debian for the foreseeable future.

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I meant to say this was already addressed by apulse which was discussed earlier.

apulse is an option in theory.

Was already discussed earlier in this forum thread:
Switching to ALSA - #10 by Patrick

For Tor Browser, Firefox, applications that depend on pulseaudio that do not support ALSA…

Doesn’t look good:

Therefore asked about it specifically:

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This seemed infeasible before and it seems even more infeasible with wayland.

Hence, it is unlikely this will be implemented.

There’s no other Linux distribution which by default only uses ALSA.

What likely needs and will be done instead: