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Switching to ALSA

Pipewire use in Debian 11 possible, but needs testing:


I would vote for Alpine linux over Gentoo due musl and packages pre-compiled for ALSA

Very unlikely that we’ll ever port to something other than Debian for the foreseeable future.

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I meant to say this was already addressed by apulse which was discussed earlier.

apulse is an option in theory.

Was already discussed earlier in this forum thread:
Switching to ALSA - #10 by Patrick

For Tor Browser, Firefox, applications that depend on pulseaudio that do not support ALSA…

Doesn’t look good:

Therefore asked about it specifically:

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Not sure if they will push this change before debian bookworm release.

Qubes still on pulseaudio (version 4.2 might support pipewire)

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