The surveillance in are community is just getting bigger and whonix and other tools like Tor,Tails,I2P,PGP,RiseUp… can help in protecting us.We need to all help develop whonix much more ,and we can do this by helping people know what is whonix and how can they use it to fight for their rights.

You are right.

See prism-break.org to find out how to break surveillance.

This is just a link that keeps getting passed around everywhere without any context. Online security is a complex process, people should approach it more seriously and educate themselves about it. Just using a set of tools is not enough.

I agree. At present only TOR is a reliable means to hide your IP. You should also use GPG for emails and OTR for messaging to hide your talks.
Whonix provides TORification for all software used in it. Never use your past non-anonymous accounts or emails with whonix because they are already linked to your identity.

To get an anonymous email you may use only several email providers supporting GPG and TOR, for example https://www.urssmail.org/

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