Suggestion to remove support and documentation for microsoft windows

I want just to say my opinion, nothing more.

On main page : Whonix ™ - Anonymous Operating System there is a Host Operating system \Knowledge \Recommendation \Security , There showing option for microsoft windows host,
and on whonix documentation there are for that directions.

Is known that the viruses build 97% +/- 2% for microsoft windows , and known that the nsa from 1999 have access to back doors that left by microsoft windows \or there is secret code inside microfoft windows … the last is and for os x but viruses for osx build much less.
whonix is the ‘King’ of anonymity , and one King is not good to speaking with pimps…

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beeing the one who is currently creating the Whonix Installer for Windows (and facing an uphill battel against the msiexec and different versions for 32bit and 64bit), I might be a bit biased here, so please keep that in mind when reading what I write.

I feel like we shouldn’t exclude Whonix from beeing used on Windows, simply because of the issues the host system brings to the table, because first of all, for the time beeing there has been no virus/bug/backdoor found in Windows nor VBox, which would make it possible to break out of the VM. So, while I agree that the amount of viruses on Windows is massive and that Qubes is simply by the design the best host, I feel like most security issues on part of Windows aren’t really effecting Whonix, for the time beeing.

Furthermore, taking away this would make the entrance to Whonix even harder than it already is. Allowing people to at least “try” Whonix, even on an unsecure host, without the need of installing a new, seperate OS, is something which we need to keep in my eyes.

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Yes probably you have right , i read allready much times on whonix documentation that windows host supported but just not recommended.
qubes os i thing is half windows half linux right ? so there is no worry about viruses got? yes its open source but can affected by viruses for windows ?

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no, Qubes is actually very far away from Windows in every way, shape or form. Please regard this: Qubes-Whonix ™ Overview

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More secure than kvm probably? Unfortunately the qubes os need vt-d , recommendation for performance, the problem is with laptops , is quite difficult to find laptop with vt-d , i was reading for days that on qubes os documentation , then i gave up.
I try whonix without vt-x , its useless , obviously something like that will on qubes os without vt-d.

Its much easier to find laptop with vt-x , The laptop vendors have the responsibility for that , they not care at all because is to small the amount of people that need laptops with vt-d enabled. Most use nothing for virtualization and right after use vt-x.

Good latest news! officially Qubes-certified Laptop on market! Librem 13 Laptop | Crowd Supply

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-My laptop have vt-x that work , i run whonix kvm. and my laptop have 2,3 ghz cpu , 8 gb ram at 1600 mhz , usb 3 port, and 1tb hdd, and dvd rw, and cost this moment on market 430 $ only!
for whonix kvm worth it ! but the price of Qubes-certified Laptop is x4+! the security of qubes os whonix isn’t x4+ compare with whonix kvm ! what about that? if it is then ok worth it , please rate that comparison as i invite here , * anyway i will not give that amount of money for a laptop but i want to know how much secure is the qubes whonix compare with kvm whonix , - hope not to show myself like idiot with posts and invitations.

vt-x, vt-d are strongly recommended but not required for qubes:

Is it worth running Qubes without vt-x, vt-d? I don’t know. You can try it out at least.

Qubes vs KVM? Plenty of opinions if you search: “xen kvm security”

Kings & Pimps? Haven’t heard that one… Chinese proverb?

already tested whonix virtualbox without vt-x , is extremely slow with windows or linux host,when enable vt-x acceleration on virtualbox the performance rise much much more. for sure obviously will be and for qubes os , after all we speak again for virtualization.

And is known that nsa track eny wich download whonix,tails, thing they not will track such laptop buyes ? we speak for vendor (Purism) , that in their site they comercialy whonix , and they write all over their site : privacy , freedom. At least whonix or tails can download from a public wifi spot …