Suggestion: reverting network default names to Whonix-External/Internal


Not a big deal, but I have noticed that since Whonix 14 default network names in KVM were changed from “Whonix-Internal” and “Whonix-External” to “internal” and “external”.

While it does the exact same (great) job, I think it may lead to confusion, such as if a user already has set up similar network names, or maybe he won’t be sure anymore that these networks are related to Whonix, as they have such a generic name. Which may also lead to bad mistakes.

So why not use a clearer Whonix name like previously to make sure we are using the right network?

What do you think?


You’re definitely right. I overlooked this when the network changes came around. I’ll have to do it when I’m more alert to avoid breaking things. Must update the documentation too.


@Patrick should the “Whonix” in the name be capitalized?

Also should the separater between whonix and external/internal be a “-” or a “_”?


I am not sure which version is less confusing for users. Mostly users that customize things are concerned. I guess since we take good care to write Whonix capitalized in most places (also VirtualBox internal network name) I guess that is best but I haven’t heard other arguments to consider the opposite.

Also difficult but I guess users are less confused by - than _?

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Done both code and wiki.

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