Suggest Trustworthy Tor Hidden Services as Time Sources for sdwdate

  • Removed Elude, FSFe, Keybase onion mirrors since they are down.
  • Added geti2p gitlab onion mirror.
  • Rearrange Onion+TLS into one sequence.
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"http://47ggr2fa3vnwfyhvgskzdmr3i32eijwymxohtxsls45dulmriwxszjad.onion #"

The part after the hash (“#”) is the comment field. It should contain some sort of hint what it is. That’s because later it will be visible in sdwdate log.

For example:

http://searxspbitokayvkhzhsnljde7rqmn7rvoga6e4waeub3h7ug3nghoad.onion #

Then easy to see it’s

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ok done, for archived links yeah they are unknown from the look at the links which is not similar to version because they are shortened.

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A post was split to a new topic: sdwdate way of verifying the time source accuracy

Thanks, merged!

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