'sudo apt-get install whonix' Part I / Distro-Morphing

The ability to install Whonix meta-packages packages from a repository is finished.

How it Works:

In two steps a user is able to convert plain Debian VMs into Whonix:

  1. First by adding the Whonix repo URLs to the apt sources list (optionally: check instructions for anonymous repo downloads)

  2. Then doing ‘sudo apt-get install whonix-(gateway|workstation)’

What Becomes Possible:

The concept of distro-morphing is an incredible technical milestone because at the moment, no other derivative OS can be directly installed on its upstream base just by running a package manager. This makes Whonix packages accessible to Debian virtual machine users in a couple of commands.

Whonix becomes portable and possible to install on every alternative hardware architecture supported by Debian with little effort. It also sets allows installing select Whonix packages on Debian hosts.

Another advantage is easier testing of Whonix packages across different hypervisors and reduced template sizes for Qubes-Whonix.




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This was implemented and now used in the wild.

Whonix reported to be running on POWER9 using distro-morphing.


Awesome :slight_smile: I was thinking about alternative platforms like Talos when writing about this feature. Happy to see people pick it up and run with it.


WOW Thats Awseome!!!

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