Subgraph OS Adversary resistant computing platform

Subgraph OS

Designed for Usability:-

1- Hardened


3-Secure Communication

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Vaporware? An interesting dream. No releases. No release date. No single line of code published.

true , searched that 2 , seems to be its still theoretical platform yet.

at that time there was no code , now they r in alpha release.

life run fast …

From a layman’s perspective, Subgraph OS sounds like a persistent Tails + sandboxed applications + grsec kernel? Doesn’t seem to be intended as a replacement for either Whonix or Qubes.

Email client might be worth a look after a couple of stable releases.

Yes looks like,with secure Golang coded gui xmpp chat client with otr and apparmor included by default with security in HulaHoop already post

Actually i dont mean as a replacement for Whonix or Qubes.Personally i like Qubes,but my cpu not support it,so i fail as host system,Whonix becomes dear for its users,one and only,with original Gateway + Workstation idea.

Subgraph (this alpha release) have live mode and installation as host system.Installation like regular debian,but with full disk encryption with cryptsetup.Gnome desktop,MAC spoofing (at boot time i guess),TBB installer,Iceweasel and so on.

So it could be great as a replacement for regular Debian,but security-enhanced,for those who dont have Qubes.

Can you link to an image (ISO or what have you)? I want to test it but don’t feel like joining their IRC channel to do so.

Here it is:

Thank you! Just saw this now.

P.S. I still haven’t had time to test it. Has anyone else? Is it buggy as hell?

@vID u can download it now from the official website:-


P.S. I still haven’t had time to test it. Has anyone else? Is it buggy as hell?

i think yes , i didnt test it but i read about it

Not really Open Source.

[Secure Desktops] Where to find subgraph os Debian package source code?

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