Stuck without being able to run Gateway

Hello everyone,

I have used Whonix before with Virtualbox and everything was perfect, since I have updated to Ubuntu 22.04, I was unable to get Virtualbox to work.

So I decided to move to Virtual Machine Manager, my virtual OS are running amazingly, however, I when trying to set Whonix Gateway, I get to the Welcome black screen.

After tipping the default user and change me, it shows me a message saying:

Type “whonix” for help.
Last login:

I have been stuck here for two days not being able to move forward, anyone there to shine a light, please?


Your Gateway VM is started and running. If the problem is that you see the console instead of graphical desktop environment, give at least 1 Gig of RAM to your Gateway machine to boot into graphical mode.

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Please document this step under Whonix ™ for KVM.


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This is good for troubleshooting but also needs to be part of the regular instructions steps.

Good link to include:

_user, Patrick, thank you so much for your responses, all working perfectly

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